Media Partners

CIOReview India is an Enterprise IT magazine published from Bangalore, India. It is a leading navigator for innovative enterprise solutions developed by established solution providers, upcoming enterprises and acts as a neutral knowledge hub for technology decision makers. We take pride in providing a trustworthy and knowledgeable media platform for CXOs and CIOs in the enterprise domain to share their insights, which in turn helps technology and business leaders with analysis of information technology trends and gives a better understanding of the role that enterprise solutions play in achieving business goals.

TradeBriefs produces 14 daily e-newsletters that go out to an opt-in audience of 1 million subscribers in corporate India. This includes over 100,000 in top management at various companies. We have the attention of these CXOs due to our content and we use that to help generate high-quality leads for businesses. We do so for IBM, Gartner, SAP, The Economist, Godrej and hundreds of other clients.